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Mobile Camouflage

Mobile Camouflage

modular – scatters radar – thermal protection
scatters radar
thermal protection

The multispectral mobile camouflage developed by Miranda provides protection against modern detection and identification systems.

Mobile Camouflage is designed to reduce the likelihood of detection by reducing vehicle signatures.

When detected, Multispectral Mobile Camouflage confuses sensors and identification algorithms by distorting the shape of the vehicle and making it difficult to detect key identification points.

This results in a significant increase in survivability and a reduction in the loss of resources on the modern battlefield.

What distinguishes mobile camouflage?


The modular design of the mobile camouflage allows quick installation on vehicles. The use of a panelled design allows for easy replacement of damaged camouflage components.

Scatters radar

The materials used reduce and alter the radar signature of the vehicle, decreasing the chance of detection by modern radar imaging systems (SAR radars).


Every military vehicle is different. Our modular design of the mobile camouflage allows the camouflage panels to be adapted to the specific vehicle.

Multispectral mobile camouflage

Multispectral mobile camouflage provide protection across the entire spectrum of VIS, NIR, SWIR, TIR, RADAR electromagnetic radiation.

  • the camouflage design improves the vehicle’s buoyancy when submerged,
  • quick assembly and disassembly of the mobile camouflage,
  • VIS, a special dedicated camouflage pattern, blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings and provides effective protection against optical recognition systems and the aided and unaided eye,
  • NIR, the parameters of the colours used effectively mimic the natural environment, thus giving protection from night vision devices,
  • TIR, thermal radiation reduction to protect against detection,
  • RADAR, the effective alteration of an object’s radar signature to prevent detection,
  • easy access to all panels,
  • low weight of the product,
  • high tensile and tear strength.

Customised solutions

Our aim is to design and manufacture camouflage products tailored to individual customer requirements. Our experience and extensive research facilities allow us to create solutions that meet the high requirements of the modern battlefield while taking into account the specific parameters defined by the customer.

Do you have non-standard camouflage requirements? Are you looking for a solution tailored to your needs? Do you want to hide non-standard objects? Contact us and our technologists and designers will suggest the best possible solution.

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