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transparent – modular – easy to maintain
easy to maintain

Multispectral 2D camouflage net

2D multispectral camouflage nets are designed to protect people and equipment. They are made of durable materials, have a unique spatial structure, and provide protection across the entire spectrum of UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, TIR, RADAR electromagnetic radiation.

  • the unique spatial structure of the product in the form of concave and convex sections ensures better blending in with the natural environment,

  • short unfolding time allows quick and easy camouflaging of people and equipment,

  • VIS, a special dedicated camouflage pattern, blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings and provides effective protection against optical recognition systems and the aided and unaided eye,

  • NIR, the parameters of the colours used effectively mimic the natural environment, thus giving protection from night vision devices,

  • TIR, thermal radiation reduction to protect against detection,

  • RADAR, the effective alteration of an object’s radar signature to prevent detection,

  • the UV reflection properties of the net are comparable to those of a snow-covered environment, providing advanced protection against early detection devices that operate in the UV range (winter versions),

  • low water absorption,

  • high tensile and tear strength,

  • low weight of the product,

  • modular design that allows camouflaging objects of different sizes.

What distinguishes 2D multispectral static camouflage?


The design of the net fabric provides excellent situational awareness. In the winter version it is possible to make additional openings.


The edge of the camouflage net allows it to be combined with other nets to camouflage objects and military vehicles of unusual dimensions. Such a solution reduces the unit weight of the nets and therefore the number of people required to unfold them.

Easy maintenance

The surface of the camouflage is finished in such a way that it is unaffected by oils, greases, fuels and other propellants. The net can be cleaned using a pressure washer with water alone, soapy water or decontamination agents.

The following accessories are supplied with each camouflage:

The number of accessories depends on the dimension of the camouflage. The basic prerequisite for achieving effective camouflage is its proper fitting over the object.


The camouflage nets come with the following accessories necessary for proper installation:

  • telescopic support poles,

  • telescopic deforming poles,

  • pegs,

  • hammer with special tubular construction,

  • devices for pulling out pegs,

  • guy-lines,

  • ropes,

  • repair kit.

Customised solutions

Our aim is to design and manufacture camouflage products tailored to individual customer requirements. Our experience and extensive research facilities allow us to create solutions that meet the high requirements of the modern battlefield while taking into account the specific parameters defined by the customer.

Do you have non-standard camouflage requirements? Are you looking for a solution tailored to your needs? Do you want to hide non-standard objects? Contact us and our technologists and designers will suggest the best possible solution.

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