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Individual camouflage suits

The Antidrone Poncho

The Antidrone Poncho

ergonomics – thermal protection – protection in the VIS spectrum
thermal protection
protection in the VIS spectrum

The Antidrone Poncho

The Antidrone Poncho “Invisibility cloak” is an individual suit for a single soldier, in woodland variant, that provides perfect concealment in forest and steppe conditions. The use of modern material combinations enabled the creation of concealment in the most important detection ranges: VIS, NIR, and TIR, while maintaining user comfort. The outfit was designed as a direct response to increased activity of drones carrying thermal cameras. The use of Antidrone Poncho effectively reduces thermal signature, thereby increasing the chances of survival on the battlefield..

  • The Antidrone Poncho
  • The Antidrone Poncho
  • The Antidrone Poncho
    Most important features:
    • thermal radiation reduced by up to 90%,
    • effective optical camouflage from 15 m,
    • effective camouflage against night vision systems from 20 m,
    • low weight of the product – less than 3.5 kg,
    • fireproof,
    • low water absorption,
    • integrated, reinforced, waterproof lining,
    • construction providing unimpeded air circulation,
    • zintegrowana ochrona termalna wyeksponowanych miejsc na ciele,
    • easy access to the armour below the outfit via a side zip,
    • camouflage pattern designed according to requirements,
    • durable cover.

    What makes the Antidrone Poncho stand out?


    The Antidrone Poncho worn over the standard uniform and provides additional protection against environmental conditions. The elements used, such as reinforcements, pockets or zips, provide the necessary comfort

    Thermal protection

    The materials used in the construction of the suit reduce the thermal signature of the soldier to such an extent that they are invisible to modern thermal imaging sensors.

    Protection in the VIS spectrum

    The selection of specialized materials for the outer layer of the camouflage suit ensures effective camouflage in woodland and steppe conditions. The applied camouflage print significantly influences the concealment parameter among diverse vegetation.

    Customised solutions

    Our aim is to design and manufacture camouflage products tailored to individual customer requirements. Our experience and extensive research facilities allow us to create solutions that meet the high requirements of the modern battlefield while taking into account the specific parameters defined by the customer.

    Do you have non-standard camouflage requirements? Are you looking for a solution tailored to your needs? Do you want to hide non-standard objects? Contact us and our technologists and designers will suggest the best possible solution.

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